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MTH Insulated Doors (S.E.A) Pte. Ltd. was founded in year 2013 for the utmost convenience of MTH S.R.L customer base in South East Asia.
Our vision is to be a top European Insulated Door and Parts supplier in this region.


In the Spring of 1942 was born in Turin, in Via San Donato 80, the first production plant, operating in the wood sector.
Established on basis of a solid tradition, the carpentry which gave origin to M.T.H., started its activity specialising itself in the manufacturing of particular insulating doors and windows, used in the building industry area. 
Among the most important products of this first period after the Second World War, arise the supplies in Barocco style for the Lascaris Palace of Turin, the particular furniture of the Israeli Temple, the insulating products Cetra Fonit, and other important achievements followed by products for the modern building industry, provided with exclusive patents and models, allowing to became qualified suppliers of important companies such as FIAT, LANCIA, PIRELLI, OLIVETTI, CINZANO, SIP, ISTITUTO SAN PAOLO DI TORINO, TORINO ESPOSIZIONI, etc., as well as of Public Authorities and firms in different Italian regions


Each MTH product is the result of a continuous research and development process, whose goal is to anticipate and to interpret the necessities and the expectations of the Customers all around the world. 
Leader at a global level in the production of insulating doors used in the commercial and industrial refrigeration world, MTH exports its products in more than seventy Countries, and realizes over the eighty percent of its turnover abroad.
The figures couldn’t be clearest: twenty thousand doors produced each year in eighteen different types present on the catalogue. 
A further important company aspect is the ability to create, project and industrialize components and specific accessories that, beyond being used in the manufacturing of the finished product, are sold all over the world, there where the exportation of the finished product would have too high logistic costs.
In 2007, MTH acquired Frigor Afen: a manufacturing company having an experience of fifty years, specialised in the production of hermetic refrigerating units, monoblocks and silenced units, as well as in the distribution of hermetic compressors; today, Frigor Afen is an MTH brand.
MTH provided itself in the world with a capillary net of dealers and sales representatives, continuously growing and evolving, able to assure to the Customers presence, competence and an excellent service.


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